Dungeons & Dragons ~ A New Beginning

Changing of the Guard
Maloren's Last Stand

King of the Hill
Taking the Summit

A Cold Reception

With their prisoner in the lead on a rope, the party marched single file up the trail. After a series of ambushes they were wary of the path ahead. Of the dozen ambushers, they had killed two sentries, lost four crossbowmen in the brush, killed one log trap bandit and captured the other, and slayed four more crossbowmen. While looting the last four, they discovered additional bodies hidden in the brush and stripped, as well as additional armor and gear.

Each of the looted bandits had nearby or on their person a heavy crossbow, 10 bolts, a hand axe, two daggers, an explorer’s outfit, chain shirt, backpack, 50’ hemp rope, 10 pitons, bedroll, empty sack, belt pouch of caltrops, waterskin, flint and steel, 5 gp, 10 sp, 15 cp. Hidden in the brush near each bandit was a corpse and a set of studded leather armor, light steel shield with a black sun emblem, longsword, and longbow with 20 arrows.

Marching Order-

- Bandit Prisoner









The Bandit Camp
Hunting the Highwaymen

The Bandit Camp is located up in a heavily forested and rocky hill region. Bandits are likely to have light armor and bows or crossbows. Reports from merchants indicate that the bandits are a motley bunch, mainly humans with a few elves and possibly even half-elves mixed in. The presence of elves is based on arrows fired from the tree line and a general distaste for elves by the citizens of Old Axe. As many as two dozen humans with crossbows have ambushed a single caravan, generally robbing them of small valuable items that can be carried without mounts or pack animals. They have stolen donkeys or mules laden with valuable goods on a few occasions, but later released the animals, minus their burdens.

The Castellan will offer to send up to a dozen cavalry troops with THE PARTY OF if they desire. He has a dozen heavy and eighteen medium cavalry soldiers at the keep. Each wears the best armor in their class (medium or heavy) and has a heavy warhorse with similar barding.

According to Indigo’s map, the camp is near the crest of the hill in a cave on the backside, hidden from the view of the keep.

The Tide of Battle
Not Quite As Many As There Was

Hakar the Barbarian

Hakar was the secondary leader of the Bubalus Arnee Clan, or the Wild Water Buffalo Orc Tribe. His war clan was raiding and hunting across the Tunlands toward the end of the Winter, and skirting the territory around the keep at Maloren’s Rest when they came across a group of nearly twenty adventurers that included two plate-clad dwarfs and an elven spellcaster. Gwar Hellscream gave the battle cry as some of the adventurers, clad in plate mail, charged down the hill. Fireballs erupted in the ranks of orcs around Hakar, burning him badly. Gwar fell in the clash at the front and Hakar was caught in a magical web as he tried to join the battle…

Friday Morning - 1st of March
Meeting The Locals

During the party’s feast, Drago hired four men-at-arms and gleaned some information about a Mad Hermit to the west. After the night’s revelry, most of the party piled into the three rooms they had rented, leaving Alex and Klaus in the tavern. The pair met up with the traveling priest and went back to his apartment.

The next day was march 1st and Alex and Klaus traveled with the gnome jeweler down to the caravan encampment and acquired the last of the materials needed for Klaus to enchant his items. Drake and Shana went to the guild house and joined. Rorric and Akuru met the landlady of the apartments and paid for the jeweler’s place after he leaves with the caravan. Drago, Tonto and Folkin went to see the Castellan and learn more about the Caves of Chaos. They were directed to Indigo, who was being evicted by the landlady. He accepted 20 gold (which Rorric paid to his rent) to guide the party to the caves.

The group had to wait another six days for Klaus to finish his protective magic items. Drake used his scrolls to summon a genie and glean a multitude of wishes by wishing for scrolls with multiple copies of the spells used to summon the first genie. Folkin used the time to craft several wands.

On March 8th, the group looked like a walking caravan leaving the keep. Nine original party members were joined by the traveling priest, his two acolytes, four men-at-arms and a ranger guide. Indigo estimated it would take two full days to reach the area of the caves with all the armor and little folk in the group.

Mid-afternoon of the first day, the group crested a low hill ridge to see around 70 orcs clad in heavy hides and bearing spears and shields fanned out across the field below. As soon as the orcs saw the party they began to howl and beat their spears on their shields. The spellcasters and archer stayed on the hill and provided ranged attacks while the close-combat types and a rogue charged the lines below…

The Adventure Begins
Arrival at the Keep

“You have traveled for many days, leaving the Realm of Cormyr,
crossing the Stormhorns and entering into the wilder area of the
Tunlands. Farms and towns have become less frequent and travelers
few. You now move up a narrow, rocky track. A sheer wall of natural
stone is on your left, the path falling away to a steep
cliff on the right. There is a small widening ahead, where
the main gate to the keep is. The blue-clad men-at-arms
who guard the entrance shout at you to give your names
and state your business. All along the wall you see curious
faces peering down at you – eager to welcome new
champions of Law, but ready with crossbow and pole arm
to give another sort of welcome to enemies.”


Drago Dwarf Fighter 5th (Self-Proclaimed Party Leader)

Rorric Dwarf Cleric (Morradin) 5th

Tonto Halfling Rogue 5th

Drakkien “Drake” Fortebrocci Elf Wizard 5th

Klaus Fenix Gnome Sorcerer 5th

Akuru Human Fighter 5th

Alex Human Fighter 5th

Folkin Gnome Cleric (Sune) 5th

Shana Human Rogue 5th


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