Dungeons & Dragons ~ A New Beginning

Friday Morning - 1st of March

Meeting The Locals

During the party’s feast, Drago hired four men-at-arms and gleaned some information about a Mad Hermit to the west. After the night’s revelry, most of the party piled into the three rooms they had rented, leaving Alex and Klaus in the tavern. The pair met up with the traveling priest and went back to his apartment.

The next day was march 1st and Alex and Klaus traveled with the gnome jeweler down to the caravan encampment and acquired the last of the materials needed for Klaus to enchant his items. Drake and Shana went to the guild house and joined. Rorric and Akuru met the landlady of the apartments and paid for the jeweler’s place after he leaves with the caravan. Drago, Tonto and Folkin went to see the Castellan and learn more about the Caves of Chaos. They were directed to Indigo, who was being evicted by the landlady. He accepted 20 gold (which Rorric paid to his rent) to guide the party to the caves.

The group had to wait another six days for Klaus to finish his protective magic items. Drake used his scrolls to summon a genie and glean a multitude of wishes by wishing for scrolls with multiple copies of the spells used to summon the first genie. Folkin used the time to craft several wands.

On March 8th, the group looked like a walking caravan leaving the keep. Nine original party members were joined by the traveling priest, his two acolytes, four men-at-arms and a ranger guide. Indigo estimated it would take two full days to reach the area of the caves with all the armor and little folk in the group.

Mid-afternoon of the first day, the group crested a low hill ridge to see around 70 orcs clad in heavy hides and bearing spears and shields fanned out across the field below. As soon as the orcs saw the party they began to howl and beat their spears on their shields. The spellcasters and archer stayed on the hill and provided ranged attacks while the close-combat types and a rogue charged the lines below…



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