Dungeons & Dragons ~ A New Beginning

The Bandit Camp

Hunting the Highwaymen

The Bandit Camp is located up in a heavily forested and rocky hill region. Bandits are likely to have light armor and bows or crossbows. Reports from merchants indicate that the bandits are a motley bunch, mainly humans with a few elves and possibly even half-elves mixed in. The presence of elves is based on arrows fired from the tree line and a general distaste for elves by the citizens of Old Axe. As many as two dozen humans with crossbows have ambushed a single caravan, generally robbing them of small valuable items that can be carried without mounts or pack animals. They have stolen donkeys or mules laden with valuable goods on a few occasions, but later released the animals, minus their burdens.

The Castellan will offer to send up to a dozen cavalry troops with THE PARTY OF if they desire. He has a dozen heavy and eighteen medium cavalry soldiers at the keep. Each wears the best armor in their class (medium or heavy) and has a heavy warhorse with similar barding.

According to Indigo’s map, the camp is near the crest of the hill in a cave on the backside, hidden from the view of the keep.


The Plot Thickens

The night the party returned from battling the orcs there was a celebration of the heroes at the tavern. The barkeep bought a round for the party as did the Priest of Chaunteau. The Captain of the Guard and many prominent members of the keep were present and the tavern was filled beyond capacity. Klaus suddenly felt ill and delusional after his second mug of honey mead. Drago took a drink of Klaus’ mead with similar effect and immediately sought out the scullion who had brought the drink, accusing him of tainting it. Folkin, Rorric and the barkeep joined in the interrogation/investigation.

Alex took Klaus back to the apartment to get some rest and bumped into a pair of drunken fishermen on the way. Later that night Alex heard some clatter by the front door and opened it to find Klaus’ morning star bloody and laying on the doorstep. Alarm bells and shouts sounded. She tossed the weapon into the apartment and rushed to the tavern to alert the others. When she arrived, the dwarves were slapping the scullion around and Folkin was returning from the cellar where he’d been testing the stock for poison.

Klaus was arrested for suspicion of murdering the ranger prisoner Indigo in his cell. Drake was brought in when the guards discovered his protection circle he’d been using for summoning. in the morning the Castellan’s advisor, a Cleric of Helm, divined that they were innocent of the crime.

The Bandit Camp

A Dangerous Crossing

The party set out with a dozen cavalry and a courier from the keep to take care of the bandit camp. They reached the ford at the Tun River near nightfall and made camp. Arklo, a relative of an elven party member had camped in a tree on the other side and was traveling to the keep. He awoke to hyena cries and was chased by four gnolls and a hyena to the river. Drake fireballed the gnolls and Rorric summoned an alligator to eat the hyena as a frozen Arklo crossed to their camp.

The Bandit Camp

Creepy Crawler

In the morning, Shana and Drake spotted a horse-sized tarantula lurking about 600 yards on the other side of the river, slinking around the low hills. Drake deduced it might be eyeing the horses as a potential meal. They spooked it and followed it back to its lair, a trapdoor in a shallow hillside. When they neared the entrance, it sprang out biting Folkin but was quickly killed by the group.

The Bandit Camp

Old Axe

The non-Dwarves received a cold welcome in the exclusively dwarven timber town of Old Axe. They contracted the dwarves to build a bride at the ford crossing of the Tun River. Drago and Rorric reveled in the company of the dwarf town while the others camped down the road.

The Bandit Camp

March 15th – Taking the Hill

The cavalry was spread down the road to watch for runners as the party marched up a trail to eliminate the bandits. Arklo and Shana snuck up to a precipice and took out two hooded bandit sentries as the others advanced. An ambush by crossbowmen hidden behind logs and brush ended with the bandits fleeing into the brush. A little further up the trail two bandits cut loose a log that swung on ropes and injured couple members. one bandit was killed, the other captured. Drago insisted on forcing the prisoner into the lead to avoid traps, tied off by a rope lead. They bypassed a simple pit and slaughtered a group of four bandits at the next log blind. While looting bodies, they discovered several naked human corpses, longbows, metal shields and other gear stashed in the brush.

The Bandit Camp

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