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The Tide of Battle

Not Quite As Many As There Was

Hakar the Barbarian

Hakar was the secondary leader of the Bubalus Arnee Clan, or the Wild Water Buffalo Orc Tribe. His war clan was raiding and hunting across the Tunlands toward the end of the Winter, and skirting the territory around the keep at Maloren’s Rest when they came across a group of nearly twenty adventurers that included two plate-clad dwarfs and an elven spellcaster. Gwar Hellscream gave the battle cry as some of the adventurers, clad in plate mail, charged down the hill. Fireballs erupted in the ranks of orcs around Hakar, burning him badly. Gwar fell in the clash at the front and Hakar was caught in a magical web as he tried to join the battle…


Battle of Orc Blood Basin

The battlefield was quickly littered with dismembered bodies and the frosty ground turned red with freezing blood. In the midst of the battle, as the orcs were near to overrunning the hilltop, the ranger named Indigo and four mercenaries turned on the party. tonto set the web on fire, injuring the orcs trapped in it but freeing them also. It was a lethal miscalculation on the halfling’s part. Hakar the orc leader not only killed him but stooped to feast on his flesh in the midst of battle. Drake the elven wizard proved deadly with his longsword, killing several of the turncoat mercs. Drago, Alex and Akara slaughtered the orcs below. Kyle Shamrock fell in battle. Only eleven of the weakest orcs survived by fleeing the battle.

When the battle was won, the priest of Sune gathered the wounded and healed them. Indigo was spared but bound and stripped. Klaus cast endure elements on the traitor to prevent him from freezing over night. The javelins, shields and clubs were used as fuel for a large bonfire and the hides and bodies were burnt after being thoroughly searched. Klaus paid particular attention to Tonto’s gear and wealth. Drake set about sculpting a monument to the battle while others looted and burned bodies.

In the morning they gathered their bundles of loot, ears and heads of orcs and the prisoner. The two acolytes carried the priest’s body back between them. Then they all marched the twelve miles back to the keep with a column of black smoke rising behind them. When they arrived at the keep they were greeted by curious onlookers and invited to clean up and meet with the Castellan. Drago dumped the heads of the orc leaders and ears of the other orcs before the Corporal of the Watch and collected the bounties from the scribe. Declining to take a bath, he then marched with the Captain of the Watch and his prisoner to go see the Castellan. Indigo tried to talk his way out of it, but Drago presented the ranger’s map detailing locations of not only the caves, but several other potential threats to the keep and its surroundings.

The group decided to purchase both the jeweler’s former apartment and that of the dead priest for 3,000 gold. Drago gave the barkeep 238 copper to establish an ale fund at the tavern. After selling off spears and knives, collecting bounties and splitting the coins each of the eight surviving party members got 5 platinum, 685 gold, 67 silver and 119 copper. Additionally Rorric bought a Headband of Wisdom and Klaus bought a headband of Charisma with their shares from the treasure. The two great axes of the orc leaders were mounted over the mantle of a hearth in the apartments.

The Tide of Battle

All Surviving Characters Advance To Level 6

Turning over the conspirator and map to the Castellan and defeating the orc tribe are significant benchmarks. Therefore the party will advance to the next level.

The Tide of Battle

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