Arcane Cauldron

Prestidigitation Cauldron


retail value 1,800 gp

materials Cost 900 gp

Caster Level 1

It is an iron cauldron with a one cubic foot or five gallon capacity. Around the upper sides are various command words in chondathon such as clean, wet, dry, spice, flavor, warm, chill, color, stir, grind, knead, curl, straighten, and polish with secondary command words around the lower portion such as blue, chicken, beef, rosemary, thyme, cinamon, and the names of many other spices, scents, colors, and flavors.

To use the cauldron something must be placed in it and then one or more of the command words spoken for the desired magic effect. Effects last for up to one hour, so food spiced and flavored in the pot will retain the new flavors for an hour and then revert to the what they were, the exceptions to this are the clean, polish, and dry effects which are considered instant. The cauldron doesn’t alter the true nature of materials placed inside so rotted foods may make people sick and water colored and flavored like wine will not get the imbiber drunk. In addition to preparing food the cauldron can be used to clean dishes, laundry, polish silverware, and assist in a number of other common chores.

The cauldrons made by Drake are marked with a Wizard Mark along the top rim indicating whom it was intended for in case it is lost or stolen.


With proper materials it would take Drake 1 day each to make them with spellcraft check DC-11.

Arcane Cauldron

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