Caves of Chaos

Encounter Areas:
A. KOBOLD LAIR: There is a 2 in 6 chance that as the group
enters the cave-like tunnel, 8 kobolds will come out
from hiding in the trees above and attack. Kobolds:
AC 7, HD 1/2,hp 3 each, #AT I, D 1-4, MV (40’), Save NM,
ML 6). Each carries d8 silver pieces.
Note: 30’ inside the entrance is a pit (B). There is a 3 in
6 chance that each person in the front rank will
fall in unless they are probing ahead. There is a
1 in 6 chance that individuals in the second rank
will also fall in, but only if they are close to the
first rank and the character ahead has fallen in.
The pit is 10’ deep, and those falling in will take
1-6 points of damage. The pit lid will close, and
persons within cannot escape without aid from
the outside. The noise will attract creatures from
areas 1. and 2. Planks for crossing the pit are
stored at #1 ., beyond.

1. GUARD ROOM: 6 kobold auards (AC 7. HD 1/2. hp 3
each, #AT I, D 1-4, Save NM, ML 6). They will throw their
spears the first round if they have initiative. Each carries
d6 silver pieces. One will run to warn areas 4. and 6..
The guards will be alerted by loud noises or lights.

2. GIANT RATS (amidst garbage and waste): There are 18
giant rats (AC 7, HD 1/2, hp 2 each, #AT I, D 1-3 plus
disease, MV (40’), Save F 1, ML 8). Each time a character
is bitten there is a 1-in-20 chance of getting a disease,
unless a save vs. Poison is made. If the saving throw
failed, there is a 25% chance the character will die in 1-
6 (ld6) days. Otherwise the character will be too sick to
adventure for one game month. These monsters are the
pets of the kobolds, living off the garbage and waste of
their hosts. They will rush to the sound of the trap door
closing or of battle. They have nothing of value in their
lair or on their bodies, but their leader (rat #18) who will
be at the back of the pack, a huge fellow (AC 5 due to
speed and cunning, HD l-l, hp 4, #AT 2, D 2-4/2-4, MV
(40’) Save F I, ML 8) wears a thin silver chain set with 5
small gems (jewelry value 400 gold pieces, chain value
50 gold pieces, each gem worth 50 gold pieces). The
weight of a few rats will not trigger the pit trap.

3. FOOD STORAGE ROOM: The door is locked. This place
contains various sorts of dried and salted meat, grain,
and vegetables in sacks, boxes, barrels, and piles.
There are also bits and pieces of past human victims.
There is nothing of value here; even the wine in a large
cask is thin and vinegary.

4. GUARD ROOM: Here are 3 very large kobold guards
with chain mail and bows to fire down the passage at
attackers (AC 5, HD 1+ 1, hp 5 each, #AT I, D 1-6, MV
(40’), Save NM, ML 6). The guards will hide behind the
corner for cover, so all missiles fired at them will be at -2
“to hit”. Each carries a hand axe in his belt and a purse
with 2d6 gold pieces.

5. KOBOLD CHIEFTAIN’S ROOM: This huge kobold (AC 5,
HD 2, hp 8, #AT 1, D 2-8 (2d4), MV (40’), Save F 1, ML 8) is so
powerful that he fights with a battle axe. He has the key
to the storage room (#3.) and a large gem on a great
golden chain about his neck (value 1,200 gold pieces).
Five female kobolds (AC 7, HD 1/2, hp 2 each, #AT I,
D 1-3, Save NM, ML 8 due to the chief) are also in the
room. There are heaps of cloth and bits of battered furniture
in the place. Hidden in an old blanket hanging
on the wall are 50 gold pieces (sewn into the hem).
Each female has d6 gold pieces. A locked chest holds
203 copper, 61 silver, and 22 electrum pieces

6. COMMON CHAMBER: The rest of the kobold tribe lives
here. There are 17 males (AC 7, HD 1/2,hp 3 each, #AT I,
D 1-4, MV (40’), Save NM, ML 6), 23 females (AC 7, HD 1/2,
hp 2 each, #AT 1, D 1-3, Save NM, ML 6), and 8 young
(which do not attack). If their caves are invaded, those
able will help in its defense. Males have d6 silver
pieces each, females d4 silver pieces each; the young
have nothing. Amidst the litter of cloth and bits and
scraps of odds-and-ends there is a piece of silk worth
150 gold pieces. (If the party does not search it will not
be located.)

(DM Note: Kobold losses will not be replaced, though injured
kobolds will heal. If the attackers hurl oil at the
kobolds, they will retreat if possible, rather than suffer
damage. Should they have the opportunity to find any
flasks of oil, the kobolds will use them against attacking

B. ORC LAIR: Upon entering, the party will see that the
wall 30’ to the north is decorated with heads and skulls
(human, elven, dwarven) in various stages of decay.
These cheerful greetings are placed in niches which
checker about 100 square feet of the surface of the
wall. Close inspection will show that one is orcish (see
g. below). Sounds of activity can be heard from the
west, but all is quiet to the east.
Areag: This narrowing area is a guard post, the
watcher (Orc: AC 7, HD 1, hp 5, #AT 1, D 1-6, MV
(40’), Save F I, ML 8) having a small, window-
like opening from which he can observe the
entrance to the lair. A piece of gray canvas
behind gives the impression that the guard’s
head is another of the ghastly trophies which
decorate the wall. If adventurers enter, he will
quickly duck down, slipping a goblin head
into the place his own was, and alert the orcs
at 7.

7. GUARD ROOM: 4 orcs: (AC 7, HD 1, hp 5 each, #AT I,
D 1-6, MV (40’), Save F 1, ML 8). These guards are armed
with spears. Each carries one for hurling and one to
melee with. They have d8 electrum pieces each. When
alerted, they will rush to engage intruders, raising the
alarm when they see them. There is nothing of value in
their chamber, there being only pallets and shabby
clothing hanging on pegs.

8. The watcher (g.) will alert the 4 guards here (exactly as
in 7., above) who will rush west and then south to flank
or surround intruders threatening area 7. or 9. or approaching
their own quarters.

9. BANQUET AREA: There is a great fireplace on the south
wall and many tables and benches in this 30’ x 50’
chamber – the table at the north end having a large
chair at its head where the orc leader usually holds
court. The place is empty of orcs although there is a
small fire of charcoal burning in the fireplace.

10. COMMON ROOM: Here are quartered 12 male orcs
(AC 7, HD I, hp 4 each, #AT I, D 1-6, Save F I, ML 8) and
18 females and 9 young (who do not fight). The males
have 2d6 silver pieces each, the others have nothing of
worth. The few furnishings in the room are likewise of no

11. STORAGE CHAMBER: The door is locked. Amidst the
stacks and heaps of supplies here (see 3., above), there
are 3 shields, 17 spears, and 2 battle axes in excellent
condition. A small crate in the far northeast corner contains
a long-forgotten crossbow and 60 bolts. There is
nothing else of value in the place.

12. ORC LEADER’S ROOM: This large creature is clad in
chain mail, has a shield +1, and carries a mace. He
fights as a 4 hit dice monster, has 15 hit points, and
adds +2 to damage he causes when successfully striking
an opponent (thus, 3-8 points of damage). This is
due to his strength and skill. He carries 31 gold pieces,
and wears a ring set with a gem (total value 700 g.p.).
The room is carpeted, has tapestries upon the walls
(note one of these covers the entrance to the small
cave to the west), and battered but still serviceable
furniture and a cot. His two mates sleep on cushions at
the foot of his resting place. The two females in the
place fight as males (AC 7, HD I, hp 3 each, #AT I, D 1-6,
Save F I, ML 8) and each has 2d6 gold pieces on her
person. The chests and other furniture have nothing of

If hard pressed, the leader will wiggle behind the
tapestries on the south wall and attempt to work the
catch on the secret door to the south and go to the rival
tribe for help, but his very life must be in great peril before
he will do so. (Adventurers can only spring this
catch by rolling a 1 (on a d6) twice in a row, or having
two characters do so simultaneously.)
Area 1: This alcove is used by the orc leader to store
arms and treasure. There are two complete
suits of chain mail here (man-sized and dwarfsized),
4 swords, and a locked iron chest which
holds 205 copper, 286 silver, 81 gold, and 13
platinum pieces. A small niche in the back
wall, with a boulder in front covering it, hides a
potion of healing and a scroll with a 6-die fire
ball spell on it.

(DM Note: Orc losses cannot be replaced, but after an
initial attack by adventurers, the males at location 10. will
move four of their number into area 9., arm these orcs with
crossbows, and lay an ambush for intruders. If the leader is
slain, all surviving orcs from this locale will seek refuge with
the tribe at C. (see below), taking everything of value (and
even of no value) with them, and B. will thereafter be deserted.)

C. ORC LAIR: Similar to the orcs at area B., these monsters
inhabit cave areas 14.-16. These orcs, however, do not
rely upon a continual watch being kept; instead, they
have a series of nearly invisible strings running across
the entry passage, about II’ from the entrance. When
any of these strings is tripped, a heavy, weighted net
suspended from the ceiling will drop upon intruders,
and metal pieces tied to it will create an alarm sound.
(The trip strings will be spotted only if careful observation
is asked for, each observer having a 1 in 6 chance
of seeing the devices. The camouflaged net is 10’ wide
and 18’ long, made of thick, tarred ropes, and will entrap
the victim for 1-4 rounds. Meanwhile, orcs from
area 14. will be there in 1 round . . . .)

13. FORGOTTEN ROOM: Only the two orc leaders (from this
area and from B.) know of this place, They secretly meet
here on occasion to plan co-operative ventures or discuss
tribal problems, for although separate tribes are
not exactly friendly, both leaders are aware of the fact
that there is strength in numbers. A small table and two
chairs are in the middle of the room. There is a wooden
chest to one side which holds a bow, a quiver of 20
arrows, 2 swords, and 2 daggers. Two shields are hung
on the south wall. There are only odds and ends otherwise,
except that in the southeast corner, hidden beneath
an old bucket (which is filled with black, stagnant
water) are two small pouches, each holding 1
gem of 50 gold piece value, 10 gold pieces, and 20 silver
pieces. Nesting under these small pouches are 2
giant centipedes: (AC 9, HD 1/2, hp 2 each, #AT I, D illness,
MV (20’), Save NM, ML 7).

14. COMMON CHAMBER: Here there are quartered 9 male
orcs with shields and swords (AC 6, HD 1, hp 3 each, #AT
1, D 1-6, MV (40’), Save F 1, ML 8) and 8 females and 3
young who do not fight. The males have d20 silver
pieces each, the females d4 copper pieces, the young
have nothing. The place is a mess, and there is nothing
of value in it. The males will go the entrance if they hear
the net falling, arriving in 1 round.

15. COMMON HALL: General meetings are held here, and
food is likewise cooked and eaten here. There are 6
males here, 2 with crossbows, (AC 7, HD I, hp 3 each,
#AT 1 or 1/2 for crossbows, Save F I, ML 8) and 4 females
(non-combatant), dwelling in the western forepart.
Each has treasure on their person equal to 14., above.
The males here will also go to the entrance if they hear
the noise of the netfalling, arriving in 3 rounds.

16. LEADER’S ROOM: A guard (g.) is always posted just inside
the door, and he cannot be surprised. (Orc: AC 5
for chain mail, HD 1 + I, hp 6, #AT I, D 1-6. Save F I, ML 8,
carries 2d6 silver and d4 gold pieces.) He immediately
shouts an alarm if any intruders attempt to enter. Behind
him are stacks of barrels and boxes and sacks -
extra supplies for the tribe. (One small wine barrel, 400
coins in weight, contains a good quality wine worth 55
gold pieces.) None of the other items here have value,
and the foodstuffs is not up to human standards.
The area to the east houses the leader (AC 2, HD 3, hp
16, #AT I, D 1-6, Save F 3, ML 10). He is a very large orc
who wears plate mail and carries a shield. He uses a
sword and attacks as a 3 hit die monster. At his belt is a
magic hand axe +1 which he will hurl at an opponent,
and he can do so and still attack normally in the same
round of combat. His belt is made of silver, with a gold
buckle (total value 160 gold pieces), and his sword has
a 100 gold piece gem set in its pommel*. In his purse
are 8 gold pieces, 17 electrum pieces, and 5 silver
pieces. His mate is equal to a male orc in combat
(AC 7, HD I, hp 5, #AT I, D 1-6, Save F 1, ML IO), and she
has a bracelet of ivory which is worth 100 gold pieces.
The area is well furnished, and a small chest of drawers
contains a sack with 50 platinum pieces tied shut with a
rope of climbing. There is also a copper bowl, finely
wrought and chased with silver, on a small table near
the bed. However, it is filled with garbage and very tarnished,
so it looks as if it were worth 10 silver pieces,
rather than the actual 50 gold pieces, unless it is closely

(DM Note: Orc losses cannot be replaced. If this tribe is
attacked, they will have the males at area 15. watching the
entrance, ready for a second try by the adventurers. If the
leader is slain, the survivors will seek safety in area B., if possible;
otherwise, they will flee the place entirely, carrying
their goods away.)

D. GOBLIN LAIR: The natural cave quickly turns into the
worked stone tunnels typical of this whole complex. The
passageways here are very busy, and for every 10’
distance covered by the party there is a 1 in 6 chance
that they will encounter a group of goblins (see below)
Check each time the party travels 30’ (a 3 in 6 chance)
until wandering goblins are encountered, then check
no further. When an encounter occurs, the entire bunch
of goblins will attack and cry out an alarm (Bree-Yark!)
at the same time. Wandering goblins are in addition to
those found in numbered areas.

Wandering Goblins: 6 males (AC 6, HD l-l, hp 3 each,
#AT I, D 1-6, MV (20’), Save NM, ML 7). Each will have d6
silver pieces. (They are patrolling and carrying messages
back and forth. The group will also be carrying
several bags (d6) of fairly good foodstuffs – not worth
much, but quite suitable for human fare.)

17. GUARD CHAMBER: 6 goblin guards with several spears
each (AC 6, HD I-I, hp 3 each, #AT 1, D 1-6, Save NM, ML
7) are alertly watching both passages here for intruders
of any sort, including hobgoblins from the south. They
each have d4 x 10 copper and d4 silver pieces. The
chamber has a barrel with 60 spears, a small table, 2
benches and a keg of water.

Caves of Chaos

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