Dungeons & Dragons ~ A New Beginning

King of the Hill

Taking the Summit

A Cold Reception

With their prisoner in the lead on a rope, the party marched single file up the trail. After a series of ambushes they were wary of the path ahead. Of the dozen ambushers, they had killed two sentries, lost four crossbowmen in the brush, killed one log trap bandit and captured the other, and slayed four more crossbowmen. While looting the last four, they discovered additional bodies hidden in the brush and stripped, as well as additional armor and gear.

Each of the looted bandits had nearby or on their person a heavy crossbow, 10 bolts, a hand axe, two daggers, an explorer’s outfit, chain shirt, backpack, 50’ hemp rope, 10 pitons, bedroll, empty sack, belt pouch of caltrops, waterskin, flint and steel, 5 gp, 10 sp, 15 cp. Hidden in the brush near each bandit was a corpse and a set of studded leather armor, light steel shield with a black sun emblem, longsword, and longbow with 20 arrows.

Marching Order-

- Bandit Prisoner










Shana and Arklo split off from the group as they approached the camp to sneak up on the bandits. Drago and others charged in. A lightning bolt struck most of the charging members but didn’t slow them down. The battle was quick and bloody as the half dozen elven archers hidden in the trees were forced to try to flee the onslaught. The bandit priest and wizard managed to slip away but the bandit leader was slain.

While gathering loot and bagging up treasure from the cave, a force of hobgoblins with leopards and goblin archers arrived. They died even quicker than the bandits. Akara and Arklo chased off a few straggling hobgoblins from the ambush trail on their way to retrieve the keep cavalry. Klaus summoned up mounts to carry most of the treasure.

The group returned to the keep with the bodies of the bandit leader and a hobgoblin sergeant. Rorric used a spell to speak with the dead enemies and discovered that the tavern wench was a spy for the bandits. She was arrested trying to flee the keep. They also learned that Syrius the Black is name of the priest of Cyric in charge of the Caves of Chaos and that the bandits were working for Daeon Shadowhawk at Greatgaunt just down the road.

King of the Hill

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